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Monday, July 31, 2017

Transfer Foils and Art Journaling, So Easy and Fun!

Hi Crafters!  I am  here today to share with you my first experiment using Transfer Foils from ScraPerfect.  I am a beginner at art journaling and decided to play around with a page that I drew with watercolor pencils and went over for blending with a water brush.    Here is how it turned out:

The steps to using the foils are simple, after creating my basic page, here is what I did:

1. Using the Best Glue Ever with the No Clog Writing Cap, apply a LIGHT coat of the glue where you want the foil to be.  Think of it as you are drawing with the glue bottle.

2. WAIT!!!!  This is crucial, you must wait (I waited 10 minutes) before placing the foil down.  If you put foils over glue that hasn't cured, it doesn't come out well and wastes supplies.

3. Place a piece of the foil (only the size you need) over the cured glue

4. Burnish (or rub) over top of the foils to make sure they stick, I used my bone folder for this.

5.  Take off your foil pieces, and you have transferred them to your page!

Here are some more detailed views of my page:

I embellished my page a little by adding a caption and border with marker and I used the Best Glue Ever to adhere two cute little bows to a couple of the flower stems. For a subtle background, I used a pale yellow spritz spray from my stash.

I hope you like my art journal page and will give the Transfer Foils a chance, they were so much fun and easy to to create with!  To find Best Glue Ever and all of the other amazing products go to ScraPerfect.  Thanks for stopping by, please take a moment to comment, and visit us again soon.

Until Next Time,

Kim Lippincott

How to Create An Elegant And Shabby Chic Dream Catcher with ScraPerfect

I started with a metal ring, placed a dot of the Best Glue Ever on the top of the ring, and then wrapped pink seam binding around the entire ring and glued the bottom down as well.  I left a loop at the top for hanging. Perfect way to camouflage the ring, you could also use ribbon or a long piece of fabric for this.

Next, I got a large crocheted doily, cut out the center so the dreams could get through, and the used the
Best Glue Ever to secure the doily to the back side of the ring. I also cut the center out of a battenburg doily band used the Best Glue Ever to adhere it to the top of the crocheted doily and then added pink pearls.

Next, I started working on the tails for the bottom of  the dream catcher.  I used pieces of seam binding, ribbon, laces, pearl trim, and tassels for this.  I adhered them all to the bottom of the ring with glue dots of the Best Glue Ever.

Now it is time to get out the Embellie Gellie and start embellishing. I added teeny tiny pearls around the battenburg doily. On the top of my dream catcher, I added a decorative wood button and perfectly placed a tiny flower on top of it.  I would not have been able to get that placement without Embellie Gellie!

Here are some photos of the finished dream catcher, I hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment and subscribe to my blog.  See you soon!


Monday, May 22, 2017

Using Lace and Tea to Give Your Layouts a Warm Vintage Feel

Hello everyone, I am here today to share my latest project for ScraPerfect with you.  This one was a challenge given to me by DT Penny...she asked me to create a shabby chic scrapbook layout, something I've never done.  I decided to use a precious old photograph that I found of my Grandparents, so it ended up more vintage themed and I love the way it turned out!

This project required some important prep work in order to achieve the vintage feel.  I selected a doily, seam binding, and some laces and tea dyed them, rinsed, and let them dry before using them on this page.
I also gave the blank page a subtle spritz of an antique gold spray.  Then I got out the Best Glue Ever and started layering and attaching the laces to the page.  I made a header with some tea dyed lace mesh, a chipboard word that I covered with Rusty Paper and a layered handmade flower.  For all of this, I made glue dots in various sizes with the Best Glue Ever (depending on the weight of the lace), let them dry for a few minutes and then used them to secure the lace to the paper.

Here is a close up of the handmade flower I created using tea dyed lace, tulle, seam binding, a crocheted doily, and a bling center for sparkle.

The center of my layout is devoted to this amazing photo I found of my Grandparents holding my Uncle when he was a baby.  The pure joy radiating off of their faces touched me heart.  To embellish the photo I used Best Glue Ever to attach small loose rhinestones to my Grandmother's hat and coat.  Of course I used my Embellie Gellie for quick and easy placement.

I intend to hang this page up in my craft room, so wanted some lace to dangle off the page for interest.  For the bottom of the page, I used more of the Best Glue Ever to adhere some tea dyed dangle lace layered under some gorgeous beaded bridal trim.  I also added a lace bow and some flat back pearl trim from my stash.  To finish off the page, I gave it a few more spritzes of the antique gold spray for some subtle shimmer.

I really feel like I honored this cherished photo and hope you like my layout too!

Please be sure to leave me a comment and check out the entire line of amazing products at ScraPerfect.  Stop by this blog everyday to see more creative projects by the rest of this talented team too.   Looking forward to sharing more projects with you again soon.

Crafty Blessings,

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Shabby Series- Altered Plate #3 Aqua "Unique and Special You"

Hello everyone, I am  here today to share my final altered paper mache plate in the series, I hope you have enjoyed them!  I have had so much fun shabbying them up and using ScraPerfect products.  This plate is a pretty shade of aqua and would make a great gift for someone special.  Here it is:

For this plate, I covered it with a coat of white gesso and then painted it with aqua chalk paint.  I then used a gray antiquing paint over the whole plate and removed the majority of it with a baby wipe while it was damp.  I then dry brushed some white paint to complete the antique look.  I got to work then tearing paper into pieces that I decoupaged collage style on the plate.  While it was still wet, I sprinkled mica flakes on the plate to give a shimmery effect.

For interest in the center of the plate, I decoupaged a white crocheted doilie.  I used the amazing
Best Glue Ever to adhere the metal embellishment to the middle of the doilie.  I then ran tiny beads of
Best Glue Ever around the middle edge of the plate and used it to adhere the rhinestone trim to for sparkle.
I also used the Best Glue Ever to glue the aqua organza ruffle trim around the back of the plate for a soft feel.

I also placed 2 pieces of paper in either corner of the plate which reads, "unique and special you".  I chose to add that since this will be a gift for someone special.

For this plate, rather than display it on a stand, I recycled a clear plastic hanger off the packaging of something else and attached it to the back of the plate with the Best Glue Ever as was suggested in a comment from a previous post.  It worked like a charm!

  As always, I finish with clean up, which includes a spritz or two of Best Cleaner Ever on my hands and my work area to take off any excess glue.  Here is another look at the finished plate:

Thank you for taking the time to follow my series of altered paper mache shabby chic plates!  Please leave a comment on this post and stop by ScraPerfect for information about all of the fabulous products, videos, the newsletter, and everything else you want to know.  To see more of my work, please check out my blog, 
Vintage Rose Creations by Kim.  I will be back at the end of the month with a vintage themed scrapbook layout, so please check back!

Until Then,


Special Shabby Series- Altered Plate #2 "Blue China"

Hi everyone, I am here today to share with you the second altered paper mache plate of my series.  This one is shabby chic too, but incorporates a different color palette.  The inspiration for this project is my beloved Grandmother's antique dishes.  I will be displaying it proudly in her honor, I hope you like it.


I started by decoupaging the napkin onto the paper mache plate.  I then brushed some crackle medium over the entire plate and waited for 24 hours for it to cure.  This was to give it a bit of an antique feel.  Then I got out my Best Glue Ever and went to town!  First, I put glue dots on the back of the satin rose applique and waited until the glue was clear to attach it to the plate. I used the Best Glue Ever the same way to adhere the blue gimp trim around the plate, the white bow lace trim, and the sheer organdy trim around the outer edge.
I used a large dot of the Best Glue Ever in the center of the plate and when clear attached the blue acrylic flowers to the plate.  I used the same method to attach the large pearl flower.

Now I got out the pest pick up tool in the world, Embellie Gellie, and using the tiniest of glue gots, attached the micro pearls to the bow centers of the lace.  As always, when cleaning up, I used a few spritzes of the
Best Cleaner Ever on the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to get my hands clean in a flash.

I hope you are enjoying this series, I have one more plate to share with you soon and this one will have a hook on the back to hang on the wall.  Thank you for stopping by today and please leave a comment.  Be sure to check out the amazing products I've mentioned and the rest of the family at ScraPerfect.  If you would like to see more of my work, check out my blog Vintage Rose Creations by Kim.  Again, here is a look at the final project, enjoy!

Until Next Time,


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Special Shabby Series- Create Awesome Paper Mache Plates With ScraPerfect

Hi Everyone, Kim L. here today to share with you a 3 part series.  I got some paper mache plates and have been having a blast altering them and using my ScraPerfect products.  It's so much fun to think about all of the possibilities for these plates.  This is the first plate in the series, I hope you like it.  I believe it would make a great gift for Mother's Day!


To start, I covered the paper mache plate with a coat of white gesso, front and back.  Then I lightly went over the still damp gesso with sweeping brushes of pink acrylic paint, careful not to cover the whole plate.  That is how to get the shabby chalky effect.  This is what it looked like:

Next, I got a paper napkin and separated the one ply that had an image on it and tore the edges.  I then decoupaged the napkin to the plate with Sparkle Mod Podge, adding the glittery coating.  Here's the napkin on the plate after decoupaging:

Now the fun part...embellishing!  This is where the amazing ScraPerfect products proved their worth.  I took a pair of lace wings and a lace crown and applied the Best Glue Ever to the back.  Then, and this is important, WAIT.  The glue will turn more clear than white and that is when I placed the lace items in my plate.  The Best Glue Ever gave an amazing hold and is truly a project you can't live without!  I lightly rubbed the edges of the lace items with some pink and lavender metallic rub ons from my stash. 

The other star product of this project is Embellie Gellie, which I used to add the tiniest pearl and rhinestone embellishments to the lace crown and wings.  It works like a rock star every time, I love this product!

To add interest, I used my Silhoutte machine to cut a saying out of vinyl and added it to the rim of the plate.  It is hard to see because of my color choice in the vinyl, but it says, "Thank Heaven For Little Girls".  I brushed a coat of sealer over the entire non lacey part of the plate.  Using the Best Glue Ever, I added two flower shaped blingy embellishments to the sides of the plate and some lace trim around the entire plate. As I do at the end of every project, I squirted my hands with Best Cleaner Ever to remove any messes.   

Thank you so much for stopping by today, please be sure to check back for more in my paper mache plate series!  Please leave a comment and and be sure to check out the entire amazing family of products at;
ScraPerfect.  If you would like to see more of my work, pop over to my blog at:Vintage Rose Creations By Kim.

Until Next Time, 

Kim Lippincott

Monday, April 3, 2017

Sew Cute!

Hi everyone, I am here today to share a trio of sewing themed projects that I created.  These projects were done thanks to a wonderful collaboration between the ScraPerfect family of products and Lawn Fawn. I really enjoyed using the Sewn With Love dies and matching stamps in coordination with the plaid card stock and colorful twine.  What enabled me to make these projects in a flash was the Best Glue Ever, it is the ONLY adhesive that I fabulous is that!  I also used my Silhouette machine for these, here are my sew cute projects:

As you can see, I was able to only use the Best Glue Ever to glue cardstock, paper doilies, buttons, cotton trim, and twine.  For the heavier items like the buttons and twine, I made a glue dot and waited until it became tacky to put it on the paper.  On cardstock, I only had to use tiny dots of adhesive, less was more.
I also placed the buttons using Embellie Gellie, the best pick up tool around.  This helped avoid me using sticky fingers on my buttons and ensures perfect placement every time. For clean up, I sprayed some of the Best Cleaner Ever on the Perfect Cleaning Cloth and cleaned the stamps I used.  I also squirted a small amount on my hands to remove the excess glue and ink...this stuff cleans anything!
 Here is a closer look at each item:

This card and little purses would make a great gift for the seamstress in your life, complete with mini sewing kit, pins, and tape measure.  Thanks so much for stopping by for a peek at my Sew Cute projects, please leave a comment.  Be sure to check out ScraPerfect for information on all the products, blog, videos, and more.  To see more of my work, please check out my blog, Vintage Rose Creations By Kim.