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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Special Shabby Series- Altered Plate #2 "Blue China"

Hi everyone, I am here today to share with you the second altered paper mache plate of my series.  This one is shabby chic too, but incorporates a different color palette.  The inspiration for this project is my beloved Grandmother's antique dishes.  I will be displaying it proudly in her honor, I hope you like it.


I started by decoupaging the napkin onto the paper mache plate.  I then brushed some crackle medium over the entire plate and waited for 24 hours for it to cure.  This was to give it a bit of an antique feel.  Then I got out my Best Glue Ever and went to town!  First, I put glue dots on the back of the satin rose applique and waited until the glue was clear to attach it to the plate. I used the Best Glue Ever the same way to adhere the blue gimp trim around the plate, the white bow lace trim, and the sheer organdy trim around the outer edge.
I used a large dot of the Best Glue Ever in the center of the plate and when clear attached the blue acrylic flowers to the plate.  I used the same method to attach the large pearl flower.

Now I got out the pest pick up tool in the world, Embellie Gellie, and using the tiniest of glue gots, attached the micro pearls to the bow centers of the lace.  As always, when cleaning up, I used a few spritzes of the
Best Cleaner Ever on the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to get my hands clean in a flash.

I hope you are enjoying this series, I have one more plate to share with you soon and this one will have a hook on the back to hang on the wall.  Thank you for stopping by today and please leave a comment.  Be sure to check out the amazing products I've mentioned and the rest of the family at ScraPerfect.  If you would like to see more of my work, check out my blog Vintage Rose Creations by Kim.  Again, here is a look at the final project, enjoy!

Until Next Time,


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