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Monday, October 3, 2016

Denim and Lace Shabby Canvas for ScraPerfect

Hello Crafters!  This is my first project as a Designer with ScraPerfect and I challenged myself to make something without using paper.  I wanted to see how well The Best Glue Ever would work on canvas.  I was astonished at how well it holds and couldn't believe that only a few dots of glue held this entire project together!

I am a hands on crafter and got The Best Glue Ever on my hands in short time pressing the handkerchief, trims, and laces on my canvas.  My tip is to use something like a wooden skewer to apply gentle pressure to the material you are adhering for about 30 seconds.  I was able to clean my hands in a flash by spraying a small amount of The Best Cleaner Ever.  This stuff is amazing!

The Best Glue Ever was strong enough to keep this ceramic medallion on my canvas easily.

It also held my handmade rolled flowers, appliques, and bling.  I used one small dot of The Best Glue Ever to make my own dangle trim out of seam binding at the bottom of the canvas too.

I opened my package of Embellie Gellie and used it to attach the loose pearls and rhinestones to this project so quickly!  I was impressed at how easy it was to get the bling from the stick to my project. The amount in the little cute pink case will last any crafter a lifetime too!

 Be sure to check out ScraPerfect.  Items from ScraPerfect used in this project are:

The Best Glue Ever
The Best Cleaner Ever
Embellie Gellie

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